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Tom Voragen, a local surfer in Biarritz, South West France.

Offers individual surf lessons and surf guides.

Surfguide Ocean Adventure Biarritz specializes in one-on-one surf lessons for all levels of surfers, from beginners to pros.

Tom Voragen, a certified French Surf Federation instructor and long-time local surfer, will assist you in the water by providing personalized guidance and special attention.
During your surf lesson, you will be using top-of-the-line equipment that is tailored to your skill level.

Cours Collectifs de Surf à Saint Jean de Luz

We’ll locate the greatest location in Biarritz.

The school is movable, and it selects the best spot beach based on the best sandbanks.
We’ll find the best wave for you anywhere from the Anglet to Biarritz.

We’ll be
A small group of people

You will be able to grow considerably faster if you learn to surf or improve your surfing skill in an individual lesson or small group.

Personalized services
Will be beneficial to you.

Let us know what you want, from tailor-made picture services (paid option) to surfing adventures in the Basque Country or the south of the Landes (off-season, tailor-made alternatives).

Not simply a career, but a lifelong passion for surfing


Since I was a child, I’ve been surfing in Biarritz.

My passion for surfing has lead me to ride some of the world’s best waves.

As a lifeguard for over ten years, I am intimately familiar with Anglet’s beaches.

At the same time, I finished first in my year for the Professional Surf Certificate.

I love what I do, and I’d be honored to assist you in discovering the thrill of riding waves!



Need more information about your surfing experience?


A singular  experience

Equipment of excellent grade

There is also insurance included.

1 hour individual classes

100€ for one person

150€ for two individuals

180€ for three people

1h30 group classes

between 4 and 6 individuals

1 lesson costs 50€ per person.


Information and Pre-booking

Phone: 07 83 88 57 70